The Million dollar question, what exactly is a Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a unique and liberating fusion of ancient and modern techniques, it is sexuality entwined with the highest and purest form of spirituality.
Each Tantric Massage when performed by one of our highly skilled and intuitive therapists is a bespoke experience, tailored to everyone’s individual needs and desires.
You can open the gates of discovery to a new experience, a sumptuous indescribable tapestry of exquisite pleasure.
Balancing mind body and soul, every cell in you being is re-charged and re-generated through a voyage of pure ecstatic heaven.
Tantric Massage balances and nurtures the physical body as well as the energetic, it touches all facets of our being.
Through the techniques, your senses become heighten, this is amplifies the profound sensory explosion you experiences.
Through Tantric Massage you can access the secret door of exquisite pleasure and new dimensions.

Whats different between a classical massage and Tantric massage?

Unlike a classical massage that only concentrates on your physical enjoyment, a Tantric Massage also opens you to a sense of spiritual enlightenment; divine energy flows through you creating a pleasure that merges sensuality and spirituality, a pleasure that really is like no other. This is a truly blissful journey into a pleasure that will never be forgotten.
As the pleasure builds in intensity your spiritual energies are released, and you can open to the amazing experience of pure unadulterated ecstasy and the deep wisdom held only by those who have experienced this unforgettable journey. I understand that privacy, comfort and discretion is of paramount importance when relaxing for a Tantric Massage, and I am available to you wherever you are in New York City, all you need to do is drop down an email I will be at your door.
Erotic Massage New York City

An erotic massage focuses on both the spiritual as well as the material, uniting mind, body and spirit, and is beneficial to your entire well-being. Open to a deep level of divine relaxation beyond words as I can take you on a journey to the highest plane of pleasurable delights. Every single part of your body is pleasured and caressed, with your experienced and beautiful masseuse artfully building your pleasure by massaging and focusing on your entire body. As your energy builds, you will feel indescribable pleasure, a luxurious, electrifying experience that opens you to divine ecstasy.
Many have heard about the benefits of a tantric massage or erotic massage, but very few have experienced it in its purest, most pleasurable state. Tantric Massage uses a combination of modern massage techniques, sacred sexual arts and highly effective pleasure techniques used by Goddesses throughout the centuries going back to the temples of Babylon, it is a journey of wonder and enlightenment.


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