The Tie And Tease Massage is a deliciously devilishly tantric massage twist. This is a light bondage style tantric massage. This journey permits you to surrender your power completely and to be controlled by an exceptionally stunning, trained and sophisticated woman. Maybe you are always the person needing to be in charge in your home and at the office and yearn for the opportunity to uncover your submissive aspect in a safe and seductive surrounding?
The tie and tease Massage will allow you to be in a state of absolute submission to fully engage in the erotic massage and lose yourself in the delicious sensations. Compelling, strict and seductively attired, me or my assistant or the two of us can take full charge of you and you will need to obey every order. Your hands will be secured bound by a silk so you are not able to touch or move until allowed to. With your hands securely bound, we will continue to tease and titillate your mercilessly all throughout this saucy, restrained massage. You must obey and only converse when we allow.


The word ‘Lingam’ originates from Sanskrit, it’s a word that describes the male sexual organ. The translation in English would be “wand of light”. In tantric massage, the Lingam is honored and appreciated because it’s the channel for getting (and giving) sexual energy.
The purpose of a Lingam massage is to relax you and bring your most sensitive side out and by sensitive, we mean sensual and erotic. We will enter into a relationship that is created during the massage. This interaction is a respectful one although it is where the traditional roles of sexes may be reversed, which is very healthy for your state of mind. This is not about performance and giving, the Lingam massage is about you being open to purely receiving deep pleasure.


If you want to experience this type of massage, it is essential to be prepared both spiritually and physically. It is recommended that you enjoy a relaxing bath or shower beforehand.
When the massage starts, you will guide through breathing exercises that will prepare you for the rest of the massage. Let me or my assistant take the lead and give in to the feeling of pleasure being released through your whole body.


For many clients, a soapy massage is a perfect massage because unlike the Nuru Massage, (another popular massage) you don’t get sticky with the gel. You’ll shower for your tantric massage anyway so a Soapy Massage can be ideal for you if time is a factor.
It’s also perfect if you want to just enjoy some close-up intimacy with the natural sexiness of suds replacing the massage oil. It is been likened to a Geisha experience where you can be assisted in the shower or bathtub and often we will end up joining you in the water to maximize the erotic body to body contact.


If you have a 90 minute or longer booking and one of your favorite bookings is a combo erotic massage, you might want to get a soapy massage along with it – letting us to get you all squeaky clean, lathered up and then as you are nearing a height of ecstasy, slowing things down. The perfect way to provide a natural tantric massage break is to get out of the tub or shower and let us towel you down. Trust us – being towel dried can also be as much fun as the soapy massage!
Then move onto a body to body, Lingam or other tantric massages to complete the tantric massage experience. Let us know if you have a great huge bath and we will bring everything is needed.

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